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Baby Bloomer

Updated: May 25, 2022

First blog post of 2022! A vintage-inspired shoot featuring the cutest bloomers and a restored carriage from the 1900s!

Looking forward to more creative projects this year. At the moment I'm loving warm vintage tones and natural edits. I love exploring different styles of photography and experimenting with different editing techniques and colours. Sometimes it can take a while to find the right edit for a shoot (and every shoot generally needs a fresh new edit/preset to work with) so it's always rewarding to finally get the one I am 100% happy with!

This shoot started on my balcony with a white sheet (the sun falls so beautifully on my balcony of an afternoon!) and then we headed to shoot with this amazing vintage carriage.

A big thank you to my go-to muse Giselle McDonald. As a photographer, it's essential to have a model to call upon when inspiration strikes!

hair and makeup @facebyjenn

bloomers @underjaymes


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